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Primarily working with high school athletes, Coach Matychowiak drills student-athletes on proper body position and finishing techniques.

All sessions are one-on-one to groups of five.

Better Technique = Better Results

With the extra training, a high percentage of Coach Maty's athletes are scouted by collegiate programs because of their increased knowledge and ability to contribute as freshmen.

Teaching point #1: STAY LOW!

Staying low creates a strong center of gravity...


Training Sessions take place all year around.

* Call to arrange an evaluation.

Recent Success Stories:

* Coach Matychowiak has been nominated to the Minor League Football Hall of Fame for his 20-years of adult amateur competition as a player and coach.  He will be honored at a ceremony December 9th, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He is currently the Defensive Coordinator for the South Sound Shockers football team.

For more information call: (360) 357-1190

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